Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tonsils out...popsicles in!

Thank you for praying for our Micah!  He did great!  We arrived at the surgery center and they took us back to the pre-op area.  They had an IPad waiting for him with all kinds of games.  Since Micah hasn't played much with an IPad, this was a great distraction for him!  He played and played a lego game building cars and trucks.

The doctors and staff for UF Children's department are great!  They know how to deal with children and helped Micah so much.  Then, it was time to wheel him back.  He was still so interested in the IPad that it didn't phase him much.  Me, on the other hand....I was quite nervous.  It was a horrible feeling watching your baby being rolled away into a room to have a surgery.  As we left him, I was thankful that this is a first for us in this parenting journey.  So very thankful!

Then, about an hour later they called for us.  As they walked us back, the nurse warned us that Micah is very "rowdy."  What?  Doesn't sound like my Micah at all.  But, sure enough, as we walked closer to the recovery area we could hear screaming.  They were quickly unattaching Micah so that we could hopefully calm him down.  He was screaming and flailing himself all over.  Yet, his eyes were closed.  Poor guy wasn't really awake and was very confused.  Patrick picked him up and handed him to me in the rocking chair.  It was all I could do to hold him!  At one point he punched Patrick in the neck!

My poor little guy had such a hard time waking up.  Then, he started crying, "My mouth, my mouth." and holding his neck.  It was all I could do not to cry with him.

After he calmed down a bit and actually woke up, he downed 2 popsicles.  Then, went back to sleep for the next hour.  When he woke up, he said, "Momma, are my tonsils gone?"  He didn't remember too much from before.  Then, we went home.  So thankful for home and a comfy couch to cuddle my boy!

He had quite a rough night and we're trying to find a balance between eating enough for him to take medicine, and not aggravating his throat.

Thank you again for praying!  God is so good!


  1. Bless his heart (and throat)! Praying that tonight will be better for everyone.

  2. Thankfully the hard part is over. After a day he will begin to feel better and better each day. He is a great little trooper! Prays and hugs. xx