Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Redo is done!

I'm so excited about how our room turned out!  Patrick and I both love the light colors and how it brightens up the room.  after moving furniture out, we decided we liked it that way!  So, it's pretty simple.
First thing we did was to put up the wallpaper.  You can't tell it in the picture, but a few of the pieces of wood are a bluish color.  I love that!
Then, we shampooed the carpets and painted the furniture white.

We bought new bedding.  Yay for Big Lots deals!  And new curtains...yay for amazon deals, too! :o)

I love how the bench turned out!  I'm still able to store all my treasures in there (baby blankets, clothes and letters) but it now flows well with the room.  I added some of my birthday goodies to the top.

And remember that canvas that I painted over?  I added some pictures of my sweetie and I that I love, then I used the lettering that used to be over our bed and added the quote.

So thankful the room is done!    It's so peaceful!