Monday, June 25, 2018

To Realize

I've been trying to find the word to describe the moment of thought I had last Sunday. 

Surreal?  Maybe.
Unreal? Somewhat.
 Deniable?  That, too.
 Blissful?  Oh Yes.

Last week was Father's Day.  I called my Dad that morning and told him I loved him and wished he was here.  I hugged my sweetheart and was so thankful he is the father of our children.   It's always a sweet time at church where Fathers are recognized and given a gift. When it was time for all the men to stand up, I noticed my son was standing as well.  Of course he was.  Liberty is 6 months old!  But, it was one of those Surreal and Blissful sort of moments.  My son is a father!  He's a man that has a family that he takes care of.  He has a little girl that her eyes light up when she sees him and then she watches him and kicks her chubby little legs in excitement when he walks her way.  He's a Dad.  And he's a great one, too.

 Lots of moments like these lately have been happening.  I think it's part of being a parent of an adult.  It's Surreal, Unreal, Deniable, and Blissful  all wrapped up in one.  No wonder I'm a mess! ;o)

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  1. I can imagine how surreal that moment was when you realized (again) that your son is a father.