Friday, June 8, 2018

The Garden Saga Continues...

 So, if you've read my blog for any time now, you know how I want to be a good steward of this land that we have.  We never really thought about owning property since our desire was to be on the foreign field planting churches there.  But, when God changed directions for us, and then changed our heart's desire, he opened up 5 acres for us to buy while planting a church state side.  So thankful for the Lord's leading.  We love where we are!!  And we love trying our hand at farming and gardening and a little bit of homesteading.  It's been interesting as we are definitely south Florida grown, and have no idea what we are doing!  I just know that my Mam-maw and Pap-paw had the greenest thumbs ever, so that has to pass down through the bloodlines, right?

I planted lots of goodies in my raised garden bed.  Things were going great...until about 3 weeks ago.  I noticed my tomato plants not looking so good.  The tomatoes that were growing were striped and a lot of their leaves were turning spotted and brown.  I googled some problems that are native to our area and talked to a local farmer.  The farmer said we need to pull those plants and start all over again.  Seriously?  Am I going to make this work?  Yes, I am!! I'm going to keep trying.

So, I pulled them up and planted three more plants.  Hopefully these will do better.

The other plants in my garden are taking off very nicely!! My peppers are growing a beautiful green!

My eggplant is flowering its gorgeous lavender blooms.  I love eggplant and hope we have plenty! And my cucumbers are doing awesome!  Yay!

One thing that is doing very well is my pot out front of the house.  I had bought some clearanced and dying plants at Lowes.  I know.  Me of all people to buy dying plants to revive.  But, I planted the Dusty Millers and they are taking off!! I've even divided some of them into other pots.  Unbelievable!  Maybe I can do this!

And then I bought a new plant that I'm hoping will take off....lavender.  I would love to have a garden full of lavender!  We'll see how it goes!

And just because my sweetie loves me, he bought me 2 gorgeous ferns for our front porch.  They are so beautiful!

So, the gardening adventure continues!  Hopefully I'll eventually have posts of my bounty of veggies.  But for now, I'll keep watering and praying and watching.  This really is great fun!


  1. Gardening is an acquired skill. Don't give up.
    Egg shells are a great addition to gardening soil - especially around tomato plants (as they add calcium).

    1. This is good to know!! and with all of our chickens we have plenty of shells. I will try this! It makes me think of my Pap-paw always adding his table scraps to his garden.

  2. I love your gardening adventure. Houseplants are more my thing. BJ enjoys gardening for food. He trying to garden from afar through Bro. Evans who sends us pictures of how the plants are doing. He's had to Google a fe issues too. Yours look great. Hope your new tomatoes take off like the rest.

    1. I loved your post on the garden you have started. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Hi Kami, I love your attitude towards gardening because I share it, lol. I am going to keep trying until what I plant thrives and learn some things along the way. It also looks like we share a green thumb when it comes to container planting. I do love the ferns. They grow in the wild here as we are in the rain forest. Have an awesome weekend.