Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Welcome Josie Pie!

We decided to add another farm animal to Storybook Farms!  How Fun!  We have our VBS coming up and we want to bring some of our animals for the kids to see and some for them to pet.  We thought a piglet would be a fun addition! We also thought a little pork roast later would be nice. 

  It was quite an experience picking her up.  We found someone on Craigslist.  It was quite a hog farm!  You could smell the pigs the moment we got out of the car.  They had bunches of them!  The adult ones were huge!  And the piglets were adorable!  So many colors to choose from. The owner warned the kids to not put their hands in the cage of the adults.  They are quite mean.  She caught the one we picked with a net.  The momma pig was not very happy about that!

We decided to name her Josie Pie.  Any ideas where that name comes from? ;o)  I have to admit.  I giggled most of the way home with all the sounds she made.  She's fitting in quite well around here.  She's made a big mudpit and I'm thinking it might be time for little Josie Pie to have a bath!


  1. “Hey Anne - how do you spell freckles?”... just a guess as to the original holder of such a distinguished name?

    1. You've got it! :o) Since she'll eventually be eaten, we wanted to give her a name of a villian. And what better one than Josie Pie? :o)