Monday, September 28, 2009

Season must haves?

Okay, I would love to hear some opinions on this subject...(most girl's favorite subject!) ~Clothes~
Okay, here's the scenario...Fall is here and the weather is turning cooler... Yay! This is definitely my 5th baby, so I'm starting to show a little early. What are some must haves to pair with a jean skirt or maybe khaki? If you could buy just 2 things, what would they be?


  1. Two tops that would go both with jean and khaki. That way it would actually be 4 different outfits. Happy Shopping.

  2. well, on your fb page I said black. Maybe a black blouse with an empire waist. That way as you "grow" you can still wear the black. I love sweater turtlenecks too. Not sure that would be a great idea for a pregnant girl, but for fall and winter I love a 100% cotton, ribbed turtleneck sweater (must be the sweater, not like a t-shirt) and in honor of you it would have to be PINK! :)