Monday, July 12, 2010

100% Canadian.....for now

When we were in Old Quebec with Patrick's mom, we saw a T-shirt that said "100% Quebecoise". I was tempted to buy it for my Callie. For now, our Callie is still our little Canadian, but that should all change tomorrow. At 2pm we have an appointment with the US Consolate to apply for Callie's US Citizenship paperwork.

We have all of our paperwork all ready to go. All that we needed was Callie's picture for her passport. So, today I took her to Jean Coutu (our drugstore) and I had her picture taken. It was a little bit of an ordeal. I didn't realize you're not supposed to wear white. Guess what Callie was wearing? You guessed it...White!! Ugh! So, they wrapped her pink Winnie the Pooh blanket around her, and layed her down on the white paper on the floor. Then, she started to cry. Well, you're not supposed to be crying in your passport picture, so I tried to comfort her. Finally, I had to pick her up and bounce her and talk to her for a bit to calm her down. Then, lay her down quick and snap the picture. Four times of doing this and we finally got the right picture. (I hope)
Pray for us tomorrow!

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  1. I didn't realize you had to apply for Callie to have US citizenship! I thought she was American because both her parents are American. You learn something new every day!