Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet Rest

Callie Grace is now 2 1/2 months old. She began sleeping through the night on a consistent basis this week. I'm so glad! I love sweet rest, and I think she does, too! She usually goes to bed about 9 and wakes when she hears Silas...usually about 6. That's! 6 sure is early! Callie is becoming more and more smiley and coos a lot, too. She's loved very much by Josh, Beth, and Brenna. Silas loves her bunches, too, but it's more of an in your face, smothering love. He's surprisingly pretty gentle. He still kisses her constantly, and he's even begun to make the kissing sound. She usually gets her kisses from him on the head, but now it's on her hand, too. I love it when she smiles back at him.
Callie always smiles with her eyes first. They twinkle! Other than cooing and smiling, she hasn't really hit any milestones, yet. She's not a roller, but she is lifting her head up more often. She reminds me of Beth when she was a baby. Very relaxed, and easy going. Patrick was showing off at lunch the other day and popped a ziplock bag. Callie didn't budge...the same way Beth didn't budge when she was that age. I remember when we thought Beth had hearing problems...but, no, it's just her sweet, meek and quiet spirit, and I think Callie may be just like her. (Although, Callie does have her crying times for sure! We've noticed in the evening she likes to fuss the most)
She's still our tiny baby, but she's starting to get more rolls on her cute thighs, and her cheeks are just as big as ever. I just love her to pieces!


  1. Oh your family photos are so beautiful and your blog just so inspiring! Missionaries are my heroes!!! Persevere!! You are amazing!

  2. awww....I can't believe how much she's grown. We have to skype as soon as I get back home. Robin is letting me use her computer. Give her plenty of kisses for me.
    Love and miss all of you.