Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gone Camping

Thursday morning Patrick, Joshua, Elisabeth, Brenna, and the Hambys (minus Mrs. Amanda) left for a 3 day camping trip in Jackman, Maine. They should arrive home in the next couple of hours and I've missed them so much! They were up early Thursday morning, all packed and ready to go! Tuesday we realized the girls didn't have enough culottes for camping, so I made 2 pairs, really quick!
At first it was going to be a boys only trip. When Patrick decided to have the girls come, too, they were so excited! Brenna brought her camera, so I hope she took lots of pictures! They took the cell phone with them and I was here at home with the homephone. (no long distance :o( It sure is different being without a phone! Patrick and the kids have called me a few times and I love hearing how things are going. There have been a few slight mishaps, Brenna was excited when they swam in the lake and found mussels on the bottom. That's one of her favorites! She said she was having fun picking them off the bottom, then she realized she cut her finger. Poor baby! She said not to worry, they put medicine and a bandaid on it. I'm so glad Patrick brought a first aid kit! Then, Beth was stirring the eggs in the pan, over the fire and she burned her finger. Poor baby! She said it burned for a while, but she was okay. They've had fun swimming, hiking, fishing, and boating. I'm so glad they were able to go, but it's time for them to come home!

So, what have Silas, Callie, and me done at home without a phone or van? We have had a great time together! Silas has enjoyed lots of PBJ's!

With those lots of PBJ's comes lots of Baths!

We've gone on walks, played outside, played inside, and just had lots of fun together. I told Patrick I didn't want to make any plans or have anything to do, just play, play,play. That's what we've done and I think I wore my sweet babies out!

Yes, this is Callie's swing, but Silas has started sitting in it thinking he's so funny. He climbed in yesterday and fell asleep! I didn't want to move him because he was resting so sweetly. He took his entire afternoon nap there!

Callie loved going on our walks. I pushed Silas in his stroller and carried Callie in her pack. She loved it!

I've had fun with my babies these past 3 days, but I sure can't wait until we're all under one roof again. I love my family!
(Now, I better rush and do some cleaning before they get back! When I said "only play for 3 days" I meant it! I always thought it was Patrick and the kids that made the most messes. Maybe I'm wrong:o)


  1. So Jealous!! I want to go camping with you all!! Love the messy face on Mr. Silas!! Don't you love all day play days. Enjoy every minute!

  2. Hey.....I called you everyday they were gone. :-)
    Looks like they were so excited. Glad they got to go camping. Poor girls getting hoo.
    Glad you just planned play days. I hope you got some rest too.