Sunday, November 7, 2010

Havin' fun at Grammy's

We've enjoyed being able to stay with Patrick's Mom while we're in Fort Myers. She moved into her beautiful new home in May and has it decorated very beautifully with lots of Antiques and Memorabilia. Silas loves all of her pretty boy just loves to touch every one! This is the scene we found a couple of weeks ago after a loud crash.... Have you seen those really cool aqua balls that you put in water, they expand, then you put a plant and lots of water in it? Well, Denise has a large set of those in a pretty plastic (Praise the Lord for plastic!) vase. Silas is so curious about everything including how those pretty aqua balls feel!
We actually laughed pretty hard seeing all of the balls everywhere! We found them in rooms down the hall, under the couch, even in the dog crate!
Oh my dear Silas! What will you want to get in to next? :o)

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