Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Years Visitors

 We excitedly prepared for my parents to come for the New Years weekend.  We all couldn't wait!  So glad they could spend some time with us!

 There was lots of playing done and showing Grandpa and Grandma their new toys and games.

 Then, it was time to exchange gifts.  First, the favorite stuffed animals opened their gifts!

 It's official.  I am so over the Nerf gun craze in my family!!

 One day I'm going to make a Scrapbook.  Silly Faces of Brenna!  :o)  (As a side note, my girl is blogging again.  Love reading her words and thoughts!

 I love the relationship that Patrick and I my Dad have.  I think they talked for hours (no exaggeration at all!) about Golfcart batteries.  Exciting! :o)

 Silas's reading has really taken off!  He opened a book from Grandpa and Grandma and immediately wanted to read it!

 My first pair of Cowgirl boots.  Love them!

And my first  Coach purse from my Mom and Dad.  They sure did spoil us!  What a great time we had!  Miss them already!!

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  1. Two Christmases! How awesome is that? :-) So glad you had a good visit with both sets of parents. I always love to see the purity and joy in each of your faces. God bless ♥