Sunday, January 3, 2016

What a Merry Christmas!!

We had such a wonderful Christmas with many memories!  We were so happy that Patrick's Mom, Denise and his brother, Marc could come and celebrate Christ's birth with us.

There was lots of fun opening stockings, eating lots and lots, exchanging gifts, eating some more, singing carols many things!  But, one of my favorites is we reflect on what we gave Jesus last year, and look forward to what we want to give Him this coming year.  He gave His life for us, I want to live my life for Him!
 We warned Grammy that gift opening takes a long while in our home (in fact, this year we took a 5 minute cinnamon roll break!)  We like to open one by one, thank the person that gave, maybe play with the gift...just enjoy the moment!

 Patrick was very excited to give me his gift from him.  I've needed new pots and pans....badly.  He found some in my favorite color!!! Teal!  I was so happy!  And I love the look on his face...he knew he did good! :o)
 Then, it was time for play....

 ....putting toys together....

 ...and more playing!

 We enjoyed a nice Ham lunch!

 Then, for dinner we invited the Boyle family to come and celebrate with us!  What fun we had!!

 After dinner we had our birthday cake for Jesus and sang "Happy Birthday."

 Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Very nice celebration, Kami. I love the birthday cake for Jesus. Much love and Happy New Year ♥