Monday, January 11, 2016

The birthday of a 7 year old

 As Silas counted down the days until his birthday, he began telling me all the fun things he wanted to do for his day.  We love to let the birthday boy/girl plan their day with food and fun.  Of course, sometimes we have to lead in a different direction, but usually we are able to do most of the things planned.  We started our day with presents!

 Silas received many goodies, but one of his favorites was Snotty glasses from Callie.  So gross.

 Next on the list was a fierce Battleship Battle.  This kid is pretty sneaky in hiding his ships.  I still can't figure him out!!

 For lunch he requested Hardy's and for us to watch a movie together while we eat.  He told me, "Momma, I want to pick a movie that all of us will like."  So....he picked The Lone Ranger.  He was quite thrilled.  I didn't have the heart to tell him I usually read a book while they watch Westerns.  :o)

 And for his cake he wanted it to be a Lego Cake.  My girls did very well fulfilling his request!

He wanted it to have a caramel flavor, so the girls made their Butter Cake (oooohhh so yummy!)  with a caramel filling (oh my oh my it was good!)  with a buttercream frosting.  He loved it!

What a wonderful day with my 7year old.  He sure is a great, fun kid!!


  1. Aw how sweet. Looks like you little boy got just what he wanted! Happy birthday Silas!

  2. Happy Birthday Silas! I love the look on Callie's face as she wait's for him to open that present.