Saturday, January 28, 2017

Picture Proverbs

 We have implemented a new resource this semester, and we are all loving it!!
While on deputation, we had a great  meeting at Park Meadows Baptist Church where SM Davis was pastoring at the time.  He gave us many wonderful DVDs.  One of them is the set of "Picture Proverbs."
During our Christmas break I came across the set again and decided that we could incorporate watching it in our morning routine before Bible class
 The kids are loving it!! And I am, too!  We watch the chapter of Proverbs according to the day of the month.  They love the pictures and sounds effects as they hear the Proverbs being read.  I love the correlation between Bible Stories and the Proverbs as the pictures are displayed.  It just makes the Bible come together and makes Proverbs so practical!

I found a link where it is still available at SM Davis's website, Solve Family Problems .

So thankful for this wonderful resource!  I love ways to get as much Bible in my children as possible!  And this is a great one!


  1. We have enjoyed having this as a screen saver at our house over the years. Everyone has to stop and watch.

  2. I love the expressions on the children's faces.
    Hugs and blessings. xx

  3. My family loves these too! The narrator's voice on these is actually my grandfather! :)