Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wedding Day

Many have asked for pictures and an update on the wedding of our Joshua to Tabitha.  We had the most amazing photographer (which happens to also be a sweet friend, and her son a groomsmen.)  We let her concentrate on photos, while we concentrated on being the parents of the groom.  So, that means we don't have any photos to share yet.  But, when they come available, I'll be sure to share a link. :o)

Bliss- great joy, perfect happiness

Bliss.  That's what we experienced.  At first, it was a day of trying to make sure our 8 year old had a wonderful birthday.  Which he did.  Then, it was a day of hurrying to get our girls to the church, the rest of us ready, then to get the groom to the church.  Needless to say, he questioned the tradition of not seeing his bride until she walked down the aisle.  It was killing him.  He didn't like the wait. :o)  But, we took many photos, greeted family and friends as they arrived, then waited until 7pm.

Finally the time came to start.  All the grandparents were gathered in the back waiting to be seated.  After them, it was me.  The Groom's Mother.  I was so thankful that Josh asked to be the one to escort me down the aisle.  It was a walk of pride with my son.  I was so thankful.  But, when we got to the end, he gave me a hug.  I whispered out, "I'm so proud of you, and I love you so much."  Then, the tears flowed.  Why did it feel like a good bye?  I guess in some ways it was.  I was saying goodbye to my little son.  And he was walking in to a new phase.  A new journey and adventure.  He was going to become a husband.  And in some ways I was saying goodbye to my little boy.

But, then.  Then, shortly after, the bride walked into the back of the lobby.  You could see her and her Dad through the glass doors as the music was playing. She was the picture of beauty.  She was smiling and laughing and had the look of pure joy.  I glanced up at my Josh that was standing beside the preacher.  He had a look of joy as well, except mixed with some tears.  He was so happy.

And I realized that even though I was saying goodbye to my boy.  I was saying hello to my Josh, that was still very much my son, but, yet, a more complete him.  He was preparing to say 'I do' and commit his life to the one God had made for him.  It was a moment of bliss.  Indescribable.  Yet, bliss.

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