Wednesday, October 3, 2018

She's walking!

I love being a "Lolli."  I just love it!  Liberty cheers every room she enters, and brightens the day of each person she looks at.  She is so special!  Being her Lolli has been pure joy!  I love her smile and her excitement.

 She recently started something new....she's walking!  When she first took a step and I told everyone that she is so advanced!  They laughed thinking I was just a biased grandma.  But, she has started taking more and more steps on her own and can now take 10 or so all by herself.  Way to go Liberty!

All these milestones in her life remind me that life is a vapor.  It seems her amazing Daddy, my Josh, was just taking his first steps.  I clap for her just like I clapped for him.  Now he is walking a Godly walk serving Jesus and doing His will.  So proud of him.  One day, prayerfully, that will be Liberty Anne....walking and serving Jesus!


  1. Way to go Liberty. As for you Kami, you look way to young to be a Lolli :-)

  2. Yay Liberty!!

  3. Liberty is absolutely adorable! So glad that I got to finally meet her in person.