Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Sound of Music Ladies Conference

When we started VSIBC over 3 years ago, I knew I wanted to take our ladies to Ladies Conferences.  And we have been to a bunch!  I love the time away to connect with one another.  We laugh so hard, make so many memories, and always draw closer to Christ.  I love it!
When we heard that Peoples Baptist in McDonough was having their Ladies Conference and the theme was "Sound of Music", I knew we had to go!

Sometimes the drive up to the meeting is one of the funnest parts.  We stopped (way too much) had coffee, ice cream, lunch...you name it!  We had scavenger hunts, sang songs, shared memories and had heart to heart talks.  What a time!

I've told my ladies this before, whenever we go to a meeting, I feel like the proudest Pastor's Wife there.  The ladies of VSIBC are so precious, so fun, so loving....they sure do make me look good!

We have loved having Bro. McCoy come to our Winter Revival every year.  It was fun to go to his church and hear him there.  He's always a blessing!  And of course, seeing Mrs. McCoy blesses my heart.  She is such a wonderful Pastor's wife and exampe to me.

 Peoples Baptist did a wonderful job.  Everything had the theme tied in to it.  From the games and crafts, to the sessions...it was amazing!

It was also wonderful to hear Mrs. Kathi Lamb speak.  Her testimony is so powerful and her southern drawl so adorable.  I could listen to her all day!


So thankful for another great meeting.  It was refreshing and exactly what we needed!!


  1. Fun memories! I love the theme of the conference!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am reading back through your posts that I am so behind on as we travel on furlough. I love the fact that I know these precious ladies from your church now! So glad you all had a great time at the ladies meeting.