Friday, November 20, 2009

I finally Did it!

I have finally gotten around to putting labels on my blog. I've noticed some other bloggers doing this and I think it's so neat. Sometimes when I go to someone's blog I just want to see what crafts they're doing or recipes they've tried. So, anyway I did the same thing. On the left side you will see my labels. Now, of course, just about all of the blog is about my husband and 4 blessings, but I've noticed a few themes mixed in there too. I write A LOT about food! So, that is a category. I also made a category about Quebec Life, Crafts, and Ministry News. Then, I did a category of our family fun nights, which reminds me, tonight is our family fun night! We're trying out a new game tonight that my Mom and Dad sent us. We've wanted this game for a while...Hope I win!

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