Thursday, November 19, 2009

Please Pray For My Mom

Last Night my Dad took my Mom to the ER. When they got there they saw her blood pressure was very high. They kept her overnight and are keeping her again tonight trying to get it regulated and figure out what's going on. Please pray for her and for the Doctors to have wisdom.
For all of those who know my Mom, you know how special she is. My Mom and I have always been very close. There usually isn't a day that goes by that I don't talk to her at least once. She's a very happy, upbeat person that always looks on the bright side of things. Have you seen ever seen the movie Pollyanna? That is what my Mom is like (that's one of her favorite movies, by the way)She's a prayer warrior and truly prays for me and my family everyday. She has always been, and still is, my biggest fan and cheerleader. She's a fabulous wife that is truly devoted to my Dad and loves him like they're still on their honeymoon. (It's actually kind of gross) Of course she thinks no one is good enough for her girls :o) but, she truly loves and prays for her son-in-laws. She's an amazing Grandmother and has the adoration of all of her grandchildren.
My Mom hasn't been feeling well for a while now. We all rely on her so much, please pray for the doctors to know what will help her.
I love you MOM! Wish I was there with you to help take care of you. It's a comfort to me to know that Keela, Tabitha, and Taylin love and care for you just as much as I do. They're pretty special too! Get better soon!


  1. Hey Kami! So sorry to hear about your Mom. I will definitely be praying for her and all of you as well. I know it's got to be tough to be so far away right now. Love you, Jessica

  2. Kam, that is too sweet! She really is a great mom isn't she?! I know you want to be here but we all understand. Love you sis!

  3. you do have a great mom. She will love to catch up on your blog when she gets home. Love ya, Kamis mom *that is her tag on my email :)