Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Afternoon at the park

We had a couple of warm days last week here in Quebec. I hate to say hot, because I know the heat is almost unbearable in Florida, but for Quebec it was quite warm. We've been wanting to let the kids go play in the fountains by the St. Lawrence river. Since it was warm we decided it was the perfect day for picnic and play! The park is so gorgeous and we enjoyed smoked meat sandwiches for lunch, a Quebec specialty!

Callie is enjoying, more and more, laying on her quilt and just looking around. She's such a content baby!

These are the fountains. We couldn't figure out the timing, but every 10 minutes or so the water goes really high!

Silas loved the water and splashed and giggled the whole time!

The girls really enjoyed the fountains, too. I love the look on their faces, it tells their personalities so much. Brenna, ready to dive in and get soaked. Beth trying not to let her glasses get wet and get water up her nose!

Of course, after I took pictures, I was ready to go play...that's when the water went real low!

Great day at the park and great family memories!

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