Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gimenez kiddos Fall 2010

We finally made it to the park for a picture of my 5. Sometimes it's hard to get that perfect picture, but we sure had fun trying!

Joshua Patrick~14 years old, takes his job of being the eldest very seriously, is his Dad's right hand man, loves to eat (especially burgers), is the teacher of our family New Testamant Survery class.

Elisabeth Kristine~12 years old, an extreme help with our two babies, can be a perfectionist like her Daddy sometimes, loves to read, is quickly becoming a young lady.

Brenna Shay~11 years old, very creative and artistic, can act pretty sillly, but is also very sensitive, ready to grow up, but still gives her favorite stuffed animal (Sammy) a drink of water before bed

Silas Boone~20 months old, talking more and more in English and French, knows more animal sounds than actual words, gives kisses and hugs, but also wrestles plenty and plays dead, very active and very sweet

Callie Grace~4 months old very sweet and content, not exactly sleeping through the night in 2 weeks (I think it's time for cereal) has started to learn to blow bubbles (she sometimes looks like a dog with rabies, loves to watch her Daddy.

We kept trying to get Callie to smile for the picture. Everytime she would smile, she would turn her head to the right.

So, that's my kiddos! Sure do love them!


  1. Great pictures Kami! They are getting so big,handsome and beautiful! I hope we get to see you before you leave for St. Barts!

    Kelly Huxley

  2. Awww...my Grandchildren are sooo cute and adorable. I can't get over how fast they are growing up. Josh is a muscle man, Elisabeth a teenager (looks like one) Brenna not a little kid anymore. Silas and Callie are growing so fast too. Can't wait till you all get here. Hope I get copies. :-)