Monday, September 13, 2010

A Dream Fulfilled

As I've said before, Quebec has amazing walking trails. We have a great walking park right near our house that goes all the way to Old Quebec. Ever since we first arrived in May 2009, Elisabeth has wanted to walk on the trail all the way to Quebec. It's something we've talked about bunches, but just haven't made time to do it. Well, I decided it was now or never, so Beth and I planned a day to see how far we could get. Our plan was to bring Callie right after I fed her. She loves her stroller, so I thought she could look around for a bit, then take her nap. When she was ready to eat again, we would take a break and let her stretch on a blanket. So, it was me, Beth and Callie.

We started at 1pm. We brought bottled tea and water. Granola bars, BBQ chicken that patrick made for us and ritz cheese crackers. It was a gorgous 65 degrees, sunny, and a perfect day for a walk!
The trail was so gorgeous along the way. Sometimes it was in the middle of a forest, sometimes near a subdivision, near the city, dirt path, wooden boardwalk, near cemeteries (yikes!).

We stopped for Beth to have a quick swing.

My pretty girl. We had so much fun together and laughed and talked, then laughed at what we were talking about!

Giving Callie a quick stretch.

Callie did so good and is such an excellent baby. She loves her stroller and loves walks!

We found lots of neat places to stop and look at the beautiful scenery. The trail goes along the Saint Lawrence river.

So crazy!

Taking our dinner break. The wind picked up and it was so chilly!

We rounded a corner and saw the Old City. We were getting closer and we were so excited and were jumping up and down!

Getting closer!

And closer! yay! That's Chateau Frontenac in the background!

We found a place selling popsicles. Beth enjoyed one on the path under the bridge. It was sort of dark and spooky!

I love all the fall flowers that we saw blooming.

Yay! We made it downtown to Old Quebec!

We walked around the old city and enjoyed window shopping at some antique shops. I've always been a big fan of red and white pattern dishes. We saw this gorgeous set!

Wow! I love this city!

We made it to our goal of Petit Champlain to the Sugar Shack. Beth wanted some Tire sur la neige. It's maple syrup that they pour on snow or ice and then use a stick and roll it. It is amazing!

We walked approximately15 kilometers. We had such a good time together! Beth told me that she loves when we have girl time with Brenna, too, but sometimes, she just needs time alone with me. I need to remember that. She wants for the two of us to come back in 10 years or so and stay in an old hotel, go shopping and eat at old restaurants....and walk the trail again. I love you my Lissypooh! I had such a great time on our walk!

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  1. WOW! Looks like you three had a great time. So glad that you and Elisabeth got to spend some Mom and Me time together. So important, especially at her age. Proud of you both....that's a long way to walk.