Friday, September 3, 2010

A Typical French Class for Us

I know I've said it before, but we have a wonderful professor, Madame Claire. She is such a patient and kind lady! I thought I'd share with you a typical day for us at language school. We arrive at Madame Claire's house at 9. Usually Callie has fallen asleep on the van ride there (it takes about 10 mins) She usually wakes up shortly after we arrive and is ready to eat. Silas usually runs straight for Madame Claire and points at the cookie jar. She takes him over and lets him get two (although if he wanted 3, or 30, for that matter, she would let him!) Then she makes drinks for all of us. We all usually have the same thing everymorning. Patrick-coffee and water, Josh-water, Beth-apple juice, Brenna-orange juice, and me-Orange juice and water. She always has a basket of goodies at the dining room table for Josh, Beth, and Brenna, like muffins, cookies, and sometimes pie. They're pretty spoiled! JEB start work right away at the dining room table on their schoolwork, while Silas comes to the office to finish his cookie.

After he is done eating his treat, he always goes around to Madame Claire's side of the desk. He usually sits in her lap and points to the pencil holder. She removes both sets of scissors and gives it to him. He likes the highlighters, he'll take the lids off and put them back on. Silas pretty much has her whipped and she adores him.

Then, I put Silas in his pack n play, in the other room, that Josh has loaded down with books and toys. He usually reads in there for a good 30 minutes, then the kids take 15 minute shifts playing with Silas. Usually we'll start class, which always begins with prayer, and then one of the kids will come into the office with a question about school or needing help.

Then, if Silas is being overly active, we bring him back into the office for some more highlighter fun. It's definitely not a traditional class, but it works very well for our family. We praise God that Madame Claire is so patient with our family and truly loves us. We're going to hate to tell her goodbye, that's for sure. She definitely needs to come visit us in St. Barths!

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  1. Kami,

    I really enjoy reading your blog (for well over a year now). Thanks for sharing so many fun things from your family. I pray God's blessing upon you guys as you enter this next phase of preparing for St. Barth. I feel like I know your family, though we've never met.

    Julie (Michigan)

    ...though I don't have a blog, you can visit my sister's at