Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oppurtunities in French

God has been so good to allow us to all have some oppurtunities to use our french.

First, Brenna taught her Sunday School Lesson. She worked hard on a lesson on the Prodigal Son, then she studied hard and translated it into french. She met with Madame Claire for one class to check all of her Grammar. Madame Claire was so happy and impressed with Brenna's comprehension. Brenna colored some pretty pictures to help tell the story of the Prodigal Son. She also prepared questions and a prize for the one who answered the most questions. Way to go Brenna! Bon travail!

Then, the next week it was Elisabeth's turn to teach. She also worked hard on her lesson and translated it with Madame Claire. She taught on being willing to suffer for Christ and had examples from the Bible, as well as some in more recent history. Madame Claire said that Beth speaks like she's from Paris with the way she pronounces her r's. Then, Beth prepared The Dot game. What a great class! Good job, Beth!

Then, 2 weeks later, I had the oppurtunity to teach Sunday School. I was so excited! I decided I would come up with a lesson that I also could use to teach children in St. Barths. I also wanted it to be a good practice for telling my testimony and the plan of salvation. I did a simple lesson on the Bible and how it's the only book that can tell us how to get to heaven. I prepared a craft for the kids to make a scroll with a Bible verse. Then, we learned a new song. I think the class went very well. I sure had fun!

(Doesn't Beth look so tall in this picture?)

Then, Wednesday night, Patrick led the music at the church we attend here in Quebec. He did so good and was so excited to lead the singing...sort of. He was actually more nervous to lead singing than to preach! He also preached that night, and it was an excellent message. I'm so proud of my honey!

Then, Joshua led the singing, too! He did so good and I'm proud of my baby. He has told Patrick that he would like to be the one to lead the singing at the church in St. Barths.
Today, Sunday, we drove to Trois Rivieres for Patrick to fill the pulpit for Brother Jason Hamby. It was an excellent service and I love talking with Amanda. We enjoyed a nice afternoon and then went to services again tonight. Next Sunday we're off to Trois Rivieres again for Patrick to preach.
I'm so thankful for the oppurtunities that God gives us to use our french. It's good to be able to use our french for the Glory of the Lord!

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