Sunday, September 5, 2010

Letting go...just a little

One of the things my kiddos love about living here in Quebec, is that I've let them grow up, just a little. I find it easier here, and now that they're a little bit older, to let them have a little more independence and freedom. They love to go play in The Valley. This is a spot near our house by the river that the kids have went sledding at and built a fort. Somehow Josh started calling it "The Valley" and it's always stuck. Two weeks ago I let Josh run to the corner convenient store to buy some soda. Definitely a first for me and for him! He loved it! Last week, I let JEB all go together to the library for an hour and a half! Can you believe it? (I'm still shocked, too!) It takes about 15 minutes to walk to our library. It can be a little busy on the streets on the way there, but there is sidewalks the whole way. They were so excited when I said yes they could go!

They loaded their backpacks with a library book to return (sadly it was overdue!) and a water bottle.

I told them to make sure and time how long it took to get there so they will know when to leave the library to be back on time.
They came back faithfully right on time and had a great time together. They can drive each other crazy sometimes, but I'm so thankful they basically get along well with one another. I can see some more library trips in their future!

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  1. Thanks for coming over and visiting me at A Little Bit of Everything. I do agree, the best decision I will ever make. :)