Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday to my Silas Boone!

 On January 6th we celebrated Silas's 5th Birthday.  My sweet boy had a full day!  He requested powdered donuts for breakfast.  He loves those things!
 We sang Happy Birthday to him.  He was glad his Grammy could be there to join in on the breakfast. He felt like a king!

 In our family we always do presents in the morning after breakfast.  He was so excited! And so thankful.  He loved all of his gifts!

 When we were talking about his birthday the week before, He wanted to make sure his cousins could come over.  He loves to be with them!  So we invited my family to come for Cookie Cake that night.
 I loved how they were so happy for him.  What a great family we have!

....and maybe a little crazy, too!

 I also told Silas and Callie I would spend the night of Silas's birthday with them in the tent.  We planned and prepared, and then realized it was supposed to be in the 40s that night.  That's pretty cold for these island folks!  So, we reworked our plan and decided to set up our tent in my bedroom.  Silas and Callie were so excited to show their Grandpa their bedroom for the night.
 Then, we brought in our pillows and blankets and tons of library books.
We read and read and laughed and made fun memories together.
It was a great birthday for my boy!


  1. So much FUN!!! a Great Birthday Party for Silas Boone, can't believe he's already 5!!!

  2. What a great night for all of you! Happy birthday to the little guy ;-)