Monday, January 27, 2014

Whew! My finger feels better!

Wednesday night I was given a couple of sweet gifts to encourage me for my upcoming surgery.  My niece Katie gave me a bunch of cards her class made to say "Get Well"  They were so sweet, but I have to say that Katie's was my favorite.  She seems to be in love with the question mark.  Hehe!  She put "Get Well Soon?"  Hhhhmm, is that really a question?  I feel the love! :o)  And then, "I love you?"  there's that question mark again!  And after she signed her name she put a question mark.  I just love it!

Then, my sister Taylin gave me a goodie bag.  She put in there Dr. Pepper.  Get it?  Dr Pepper.  Ha!  Love her sense of humor.  Then, her kiddos thought I needed Hershey's Kisses.  Who doesn't need chocolate at a time like this! :o)  There were also colorful bandaids, but my favorite was the knee ice pack that Logan picked out.  Excuse me, but for the moment my knee is actually great!  But maybe I'll need it for the future!

So, I went home Wednesday night a little nervous, but smiling at how my nieces and nephews truly encouraged me.  I was actually still thinking and laughing about that card when I went to have my MRI's done!  I was pretty nervous about having 2 back to back, but once again the Lord blessed and gave me such peace.  Sweet peace is something that I truly treasure.  And it only comes from the Lord!

After the MRIs on Thursday morning, Patrick and I did some shopping and went out to lunch together.  It was so sweet to be with my sweetie.  Then, at 3 we went to my hand/arm appointment.  Patrick said he could tell I was nervous because I was a chatterbug.  I guess I've always been that way.  As I laid on the table and put my arm out for them to start cutting on...I mean fixing, I told Patrick I need him to stand up and put his hand on my ankle.  Sounds weird, but I was on a bed against the wall and Patrick was sitting in a chair at my feet.  I just needed to feel his touch and know that he was there.

Everything went well with the 2 tumors being removed on my arm.  But, when it came time for my finger, I was pretty nervouse.  The doctor was pretty concerned too, because he didn't know what he'd find.   After he started to cut, I lost my feeling of support from Patrick because the doctor wanted to show him what he was finding.  There was no way I was going to look!

At that moment I started to panic a little.  I knew the doctor wasn't real sure what is growing in my body, my husband no longer had his hand reassuring me I was okay, (he was by the doctor watching the whole procedure.)  and the doctor had to numb me more because he wanted to cut more and I felt it!  So, as I was feeling pretty afraid, I listened to the music.  (They had me choose a Pandora station)  And it was just of the Lord, because my favorite Hymn was played at that moment.  (Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus)  Can you believe it ?!  And then, God gave me His peace again.  Exactly when I needed it!

That night as I went to bed I was still numb.  But, by midnight the numbness wore off and my finger and joint was pretty painful.  Actually very painful.  But, since then, the pain has gotten less and less and I'm doing very well with my hand. I even played some on the piano today!

 Thank you to all those that have prayed for me.  We're praying that the year of 2014 will lead us to a diagnosis.  But, until that moment, God is ever faithful and patient with me.


  1. Praise God for leading you through and being there in every way.

  2. Praise the Lord that He gave you His sweet Presence during that very painful time! Kami, I know He is doing something very special in your life, drawing you ever closer to Him through this trial. It comes out in your posts how much you love Him. It would be such a privilege for me to be able to meet you someday if our furloughs line up!