Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Micah Roo at 21 months

I haven't really done any Micah updates since he turned 1 in April.  I snapped a few (maybe a bunch) of photos of him before church on Sunday that I just have to share.  
At 21 months Micah is...

 talking very well and using sentences.
 Still gets a little confused over the meaning of "yes" and "no"  Poor kid,  you can ask him, "Do you want some candy?"  And he'll say no...meaning yes.
 Still has his adorable dimple and marbled green/brown eyes.  So handsome!
 Knows his names is MMMMyyycah!  I love how he says it!
Loves to sing and can sing "Jesus Loves Me"  "Joy in my Heart" and "Bible"
Has become quite attached to his white "blankie"

 Loves to play with Silas and Callie and tries to do everything they do. Sometimes they even make him lay in Callie's bed and be the baby.  And he does it for them.  It's so cute to watch them all play together.

Loves to still come up to Momma and say "Hold you!"
 Has not figured out how to play Hide and Go Seek.  Just yesterday he revealed my spot (which was perfect!) and let everyone know "There's Momma!"  Then, when they wouldn't listen to him, walked up to me and said, "Hi Momma!" A few times.  Little stinker!

Loves to wipe his food all over his Daddy at dinnertime.
 Loves to go to the nursery and play with his friend Lily.  And really loves it anytime he sees his Grandpa.  I think it makes my Dad's day!
Has captured the heart of all of us.  Can you tell how much I'm in love with this boy!


  1. He is soooo cute!!! He sure does love his Grandpa. I am so glad you captured his dimple. Love, love, love this little Grandson of mine (and grandpas too)

  2. Micah sure is a real looker. :D
    And he's got such a sweet temper. I love it when I get to play with him in the nursery! :D

  3. I love that hat! :D and Micah can pull it off with style :D