Sunday, January 5, 2014

The sweetest words

Last night I started my evening ritual with Micah.  It's a precious time.  After his bath, I get him in his jammies.  Depending on the time, he might play for a little bit.  Then, I make his chocolate milk (I meant to break that habit a while ago!)  As he drinks his milk, I sit and hold him.  I love this time!
After he finishes his milk, he always says, "Ah done." After he set his empty cup on the coffee table he climbed back up into my lap and he gave me the sweetest, tight hug.  Then, he looked up at me and said, "I luh youuuu."  My heart melted!  Such sweet words.  I am totally head over heels for this boy!


  1. He is sooo sweet. Love that little boy!

  2. That is so precious! I've been reading your posts, but in my limited computer time not commenting! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas! How are you feeling?! Praying you are feeling well!