Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another desire of their heart

My girls have always been horse lovers.  Always.  I think you can see that when you look at pictures of their room!  When looking at moving to North Central Florida the girls noticed many, many horse farms.  They asked (maybe begged?)  if we could get a place that has room for a horse.  We decided we would try and make that happen for them.  So, when the Lord opened up the door for us to buy our foreclosed home in Fort White, my girls were pretty giddy!  The only problem?  No fence.  The money we borrowed to buy our home and fix it up was quickly spent on the inside of the house.  There just wasn't any left for a fence.

Beth and Brenna talked about it and asked if they could use some of their money in their savings account that we set up for them with the inheritance from my Grandma.  Patrick and I thought about it....this was money we wanted them to use for college, or a car, or just a need they would have after high school.  But, then when we thought about it and prayed about it, we realized our girls are growing up too quickly.  Before we know it they will be graduated and starting out on their own.  The whole horse idea felt like a now or never situation.  So....we said yes!

They measured out the place they wanted to put the paddock.  Then, they bought the materials to put up a fence.  They worked hard digging post holes!  But, they loved it!

Of course, they enlisted help from Josh and their Daddy.  They worked plenty hard, too.

By the middle of January the paddock was complete!

Then, they worked on the stall for the horse.  It worked out perfect to use the extra space next to the chicken coop.

Then, the hunt was on to look for a horse that would be perfect for a beginner, that didn't buck or bite, and would be within my girls price range.  We began to pray.....


  1. The fence and paddock look pretty awesome. Your entire family is adapting so well to the country life. Can't wait to see the horse. I'm sure it will be perfect :-)

  2. So awesome to see how you respond to your children's hearts. your girls are beautiful young ladies both on the inside and the outside.