Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Let's Bake" Family Fun Night!

One of the great things about being settled in our new home is starting up our Family Fun Nights again!  For this "season" we decided to let each person choose what we will do that night.  Last Friday was Patrick's night and we had a great time!  He told Josh, Beth and Brenna that they would have $6 and the use of the items in the pantry to create an original dessert.  The rules were they could use a recipe, but had to change it up slightly.  Then, the rest of us would judge and choose a winner.  There was some fierce competition, full bellies of sugar and lots of fun!

I loved hearing the chatter as they each prepared their dishes.  There were some plans that they chose to change up a little, there were a few mishaps, but they had a lot of creativity!

 The rest of us tried to patiently wait.  It all smelled so good!!

 First up was Josh's   Touch of Wonder
 It was a yummy chocolate cupcake with a chocolate chip cheesecake filling.  Topped with real chocolate whipped cream.  It was great!

 Next was Brenna's  White Buttercream Bites
 She created little sugar cookies that had a rich chocolate buttercream filling with a white chocolate glaze drizzled over the top.  It was so cute and very yummy!
 Then, we had Beth's Chocolate Covered Cherry D-Cake
 Made Dump Cake style, she had a yummy chocolate cake with cherries and pineapples.  The fruit created a crunchy candy-like goodness throughout the cake.  It was topped with fresh whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle.
 Can you tell my kids have a thing for chocolate?
 It was so hard for us to choose a winner!  There were points for presentation, creativity and taste.  It was a very close competition!!!
But in the end, Beth's dessert took first place!  Her prize was a day free from chores and a Frappe from McDonalds.
What's up for next week?  A diet, that's for sure!
Lots of fun with my family!


  1. Ha, ha, that sounds like a lot of fun. Everything looks so yummy I can almost taste them! Your children are learning to be great cooks. xx

  2. They all look good but I'm thinking Beth's would have won here! We are all chocolate lovers!!...

  3. That looked like a delicious ffn!!! We were laughing about next week a diet as I told my family about it last night at our ffn:). Reminds me of the time my husband had us all try to recreate pizza hut bread ended with a kid dining that their belly was going to explode :) great memories!!! Looking forward to seeing your next ffn. So happy your all settled.