Thursday, February 19, 2015

Introducing Sugar Rose!

As I mentioned in the last post, we began to pray that our girls would find the right biting, no bucking, very calm and in their price range!  It took about a month of searching when we came across an ad for a dead broke mare.  We were interested! :o)  The farm was about an hour away.  Beth and Brenna were chatty and giddy the whole way!  When we found the place, there was a little 7 year old girl leading the horse around.  Then, she began to ride her.  The mare was very gentle and very calm....Beth and Brenna were sold!
Since we do not have a horse trailer, we hired the sellers to deliver the mare to us.  That was an exciting afternoon with 8 excited Gimenezes!

The sellers saddled her up for us and gave us a few pointers since they know we are new to this.  They put on a child's saddle first, so our little ones rode first.  Callie is fearless and loved it!
Micah wanted to ride so bad, but was a little afraid.  He got over his fear pretty quickly!

Silas is my cautious one.  He told Patrick, "Daddy, don't make her race!"  There were no worries there, the horse was very sweet and calm.

Then, an adult saddle was put on and our older 3 had a chance to ride.  It was amazing the difference in the horse.  You could tell she knew an older rider was on and she was ready to trot!  The seller showed us that the horse had been trained with basic commands and taught Beth how to make her go and stop.

Even Josh rode, but I think he was ready to take the reins and go for a ride!  Maybe soon that will happen, but for the first day we took it easy on her and after a few quick rides with the lead rope, we showed her her stall and she ate and ate!

She's even calm around our chickens!  I love this picture of Mrs. Peabody eating up the oats that fell to the ground.
The girls thought about it, then chose the name Sugar Rose.  Love it!  They are so happy about the horse God has blessed them with!


  1. I think your new horse is a beauty and she looks so gentle and calm. God answered your prayers. The look on everyone's face as they ride is priceless!

  2. Your girls look so happy! Such a blessing that God has given them the desire of their heart.