Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Mom, Can we visit a world that snows?"

 Living in the West Indies, and then moving to Florida, my little ones really don't remember snow.  They love reading stories about snow and have enjoyed reading Laura's snow adventures in Little House on the Prairie.   Silas asked me if we could please visit a world that snows!
 For now, that's just not feasible.  Instead, my creative Silas and Callie came up with an about building a snowman in the dirt?  I guess that works!
 They were very proud of their creation!
 One day, maybe next winter, we'll take a quick trip to see some snow, but for now....
 ...we'll enjoy our Florida dirt!


  1. LOL, that's awesome thinking on their part to make a "snowman" out of mud. Funny how children always love snow. They see "fun" in building snow men and riding toboggans while most grown ups see "cold" and "shovelling" and "higher heating costs amongst other things. Have a wonderful day.

  2. You are welcome to have our snow! I know you don't know us, but you are welcome to visit anytime for a taste of snow, cold, icefishing, hockey, fellowship, etc!