Saturday, February 7, 2015

Finally the kids room!!

I've finally gotten my kiddos room set up and they are loving it!  We knew that for now all 3 need to share a room and we needed to maximize the space as well as possible.  So, when we saw this link on Pinterest for a Triple Bunk Bed,  Patrick was ready to tackle the project!
 He and Josh were able to complete the beds in one day and we love how it works for them!

 They each have their own space and have done very well adjusting!
 There is even a special place for reading and playing.
 I had fun tackling another pinterest project for floating book shelves.
 Of course, my sweet hubby came to the rescue for the fun bolting part.  He's so sweet!
Even after going through the toys and putting some at the new church for the nursery, my little blessings are still very blessed with lots of fun things!  What a great time they are having in their new room!


  1. I love the triple "bunk" beds. I've never seen one but I think it makes great sense. Children love these kinds of beds plus it gives space underneath for playing. Looks like the kiddos have a lot of toys. xx

  2. Those triple beds are awesome!!! The idea for the bookshelves is interesting:)

  3. Love it!!! Jonathan was soooo jealous :)...Lord willing he will get off the floor soon. Would love to build these but with Nick over 6 ft...don't think it would work but I am saving it in ideas :).
    It is so much fun reading here :). Tell the little ones that our world has a lot of snow in it ....your all welcome to join us for sliding :)... Right now it is the wrong kind of snow for forts and snowmen. When it gets in the single digits and colder we think Florida looks a little more comfortable:).