Monday, February 9, 2015

Poor Little Cardinal

Last week,  as we were all preparing to start our day and in the process of getting our chores done, the girls came running saying they heard a loud thunk on the window and saw a poor red cardinal fall to the ground.
 We went outside and saw the little dazed thing sitting on the ground.  It's colors were such a beautiful, vibrant red!
 We brought it inside and let everyone have a look.  It was very dazed, but seemed okay.  It didn't fight or peck or hardly move.
 We put it in one of our baskets and then tried to go about getting ready for school.  After a while my little ones were excited to see the bird to move around.  About 30 minutes after bringing him in, he was chirping loudly and jumping about.
 We decided he was ready to go free and was fully awake!  So, we let him fly away.  It was fun watching him go to a nearby tree.
The school day changed for us.  It was a perfect time to go and check out our new library!  We went and got a library card and realized that this library is much, much smaller than our Fort Myers library.  We asked the librarian for a book on cardinals.  She looked at me and sort of smiled at the city folk and said, "We don't have a book with just cardinals, but maybe we can find one that mentions cardinals."  And that we did!
We learned that our poor little friend saw his reflection and thought it was another bird invading his territory.  He zoomed in to fight the other bird to then be smacked by our window!

Yesterday we heard another thunk!  Maybe our friend is back!

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  1. Good learning opportunity for the kiddos. For the bird, not so much :-( But the colour is so very vibrant. I've always loved the red of the cardinal. xx