Saturday, February 18, 2017

How I get my kiddos moving in the morning!

 For a homeschooling Momma, the struggle is real.  To be up, dressed, chores done, and ready at their desk at a decent time, is sometimes an amazing feat!  When there is not a deadline of being in the car by a certain time to make it to school, it's easy to let the getting ready process drag out.  We were running into that rut and we needed a way out!

After some brainstorming, I come up with 8:30 man!  It's working well!  When I call for my blessings to wake up in the morning and remind them of 8:30 man, they jump up and start moving!

 So, here's how it works....I found a cartoon-y man online.  I knew I wanted our prize to be a hike at a state park, so I found a man in hiking attire.  I cut him into 7 pieces.  But, I kept what 8:30 man is wearing a secret!

Every morning that my kiddos are up with their chore chart done and waiting at their desks with pencils ready by 8:30, they get to see a new part of 8:30 man.  After 7 days of successfully being ready on time, they could see him all complete and figured out that their reward was to go on a hike!

They loved it!  This was such a motivation for them!

They didn't quite achieve 8:30 man in 7 days.  There was a morning they were a little slow moving and sleepy.  I kept strictly to the exact time.  They were disappointed, but ready the next day.  Then, there was a day when one kiddo was slightly grouchy and not helping was a good day to talk about teamwork and also doing your part.  It was a good lesson learned and the next day they were ready to try again!

On the morning that 8:30 man was completed there was so much cheering and excitement!  They truly worked hard and loved their reward!!  Success!

Of course, 8:30 man could be 8:00 man, or 7:30 man....whatever works for you.  For us, by the time we get dressed, eat breakfast, do devotions and chores and feed animals, 8:30 is a great goal!!

Today is Saturday, so no 8:30 man.  When I woke up Micah this morning, he said, "Yay!  I'm ready for 8:30 man!"


  1. Kudos! This behavior modification technique works well with young children. It does require having a great reward at the end which they are keen to work for. Isn't it cool to see your children doing what you hope when you've come up with a cool idea? Have a great weekend Kami. xx

  2. Great idea! I might have to try that with my kids.

  3. My kids are older, and we tend to start a little later in the morning, but this is a great idea to motivate younger kids!