Monday, February 20, 2017

Junior Ranger!

We found something really fun when we went out to our "8:30 Man" reward!  At the front of the park we saw huge banners for their Junior Ranger Program.  I talked to the Ranger and learned all about how my kiddos can become a Junior Ranger.  There are all sorts of activities and papers to do.  At the end of the program they can earn a badge.  Sounds like fun!  And sounds like a great thing to incorporate in to our schooling!

It also got us to thinking.  We have loved visiting our State Parks since moving to this area.   We have visited several.  But, there are many, many more left to visit!  So, we have set a goal to visit all of the Florida State Parks!  Hopefully we'll make that happen before our Silas graduates.  We have a while before that happens!

So, there will be a new label on this blog called, "Florida State Parks"  where we will blog about each park we visit!  Excited about this!

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