Saturday, February 25, 2017

Joshua & Tabitha's Wedding~The Ceremony

It's with great joy that I share these pictures with you...the pictures from my son's wedding. It was a wonderful day and I'm so thankful for the many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon our family!

I am also so thankful that my talented friend, Vonda Murdock, and her family were able to be there for the celebration.  Besides being a wonderful friend, she is an amazing photographer!  You can view more of her work at Following Splendor Images.

My girls arrived early to get ready first and have pictures done.  Beth and Brenna were two of the bridesmaids and Callie was the flower girl.  She was so excited to be with the big girls and was so excited to wear a pretty dress!

Then, Patrick and I arrived with our 3 boys.  Groom included.  He was quite nervous!  And ready to see his bride.  He complained a little wondering about who came up with the idea that the groom couldn't see his bride until she walked down the aisle.  He didn't care much for that tradition at that moment.

The church began to fill up with our family and friends.  It was so good to see so many faces of people we love.  We truly are blessed!
First the Great Grandparents, then the Grandparents were seated.

Then, it was time for the parents.  Josh wanted to be the one to seat me.  I was honored.  And so happy.  Until we got to the front.  And he hugged me and I hugged him and told him how much I loved him and how proud I was of him.  Oh, so many emotions!

As the doors opened and the bridesmaids came out, I was so proud of all of them.  They were all the picture of sweet beauty.

As you can see inside, the lights were gorgeous inside the church.  It was originally planned for the wedding to be outside, but as the day approached, the forecast was for rain.  It was true, there was a light drizzle most of the evening.  It made the evening even more breathtakingly beautiful!  The Fisher family decorated amazingly!

3 of the bridesmaids.  Brenna, Elisabeth, and Tricia, the maid of honor, who is Tabitha's sister.

Callie came out dropping many flower petals.  She did a great job and looked so sweet.

Micah was the ring bearer.  So adorable!

And Silas was the Herald of the Bride.  He had everyone chuckling when they read his sign!

As we waited for the end of the song for the bridesmaids, you could see Tabitha and her Dad enter into the lobby.  She looked stunning!  I looked at my Josh.  He had tears in his eyes.  What a sweet moment.

As Tabitha came in, she was so happy!  We all were!

 Josh and his best man Noah.  Josh and Noah have been friends ever since they were little.  I am so thankful for their friendship.  As there was much waiting to be done before the wedding while pictures were being taken, Noah was the type of friend to be there for Josh,  to have fun, and help those slow moving moments pass.  So thankful for him!

It was Patrick's job to give the opening prayer.  It was quite emotional as he shared that ever since Josh was born he had been praying for the lady Joshua would one day take as his wife.  He prayed she would love the Lord and serve Him with her life.  He prayed she would love Joshua and together they would be complete.  He said that today God has answered that prayer.

After a beautiful ceremony, it was time for the kiss.  Such a sweet moment.

Proud parents, for sure!
And proud Grandparents, too!

It was a wonderful ceremony!  What a great wedding!

Next post I'll share some of the beautiful portraits!


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photos.

  2. A beautiful wedding and a stunning bride for your handsome son. The church looked awesome with all the beautiful lights. You and Patrick make a very handsome couple too.

  3. What beautiful pictures! And I love both your and your daughter's dresses!