Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sweet Memories

We made many sweet memories on our trip to Fort Myers. Here's just a few:

My Dad has given Callie flowers ever since she was little.  She saw her Grandpa through the window, coming home on Valentine's Day with a huge bouquet of Red Roses.  Callie said, "Grandpa brought me flowers!!"  My Mom was thinking, "It is Valentine's Day, they could be for me!"  And my Dad entered the house, not knowing he could hurt a girls feelings.  But, which one? ;o) 

 He sweetly gave the flowers to my Mom with a kiss.  Then, my Mom whispered, "I think Callie thought they were for her!"  He stepped onto the porch and brought out the 2nd bouquet he picked up for his littlest granddaughter.  He had both of their faces lighting up.  Have I mentioned how amazing my Dad is? ;o)

My Mam-maw with 4 of her granddaughters.

Aunt Robin, AKA Mama Michigan

Mom with her 4

Dad with his 4

4 generations

Micah and Callie have been asking a lot of questions about their Grandma June.  I have a picture on my wall of Callie and my Grandma when Callie was a baby.  But, of course, Callie doesn't really remember her.  And my Micah wasn't born when she went to heaven.  They asked if we could go see where she is buried.  I was able to show them the spot where we put hers and my Grandpa's bodies to rest.  I was happy to show Micah Reuben, the spot where my Grandpa's name, Reuben, is on the tombstone.
Many sweet memories.  It goes so fast!

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