Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Off to Fort Myers we go!

 After looking at our schedule, and knowing my Mam-maw and Aunt Robin were spending some time in Fort Myers, we figured it was time for a quick trip down south to see some family.  Yay!  I told my Mom that while I was there I wanted to spend a few hours at one of my favorite places.  The Beach!

 So, on the first night, my Mom arranged for us to have pizza on the beach.  Yay!

We arrived a little early so we would have extra time to enjoy the sand and sea!

 We love to walk on the beach!

 The water was freezing!  But, that didn't detour my kiddos.  They love the water!

 Fort Myers beach has my favorite sand.  It feels so powdery when you walk on it.  I could spend all day with my toes in this sand!

 I was so thankful for my Aunt Robin getting all the pizza for us and for extra family joining us!  It was a great night!

 I love any extra time I get with my Mam-maw!
 And my Dad!

 And my Mom!

The sunset was breathtakingly beautiful!  I love this place!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had a good time there.

  2. It's beautiful it's always nice to get away for a time of refreshing.