Monday, February 13, 2017

Preparing for our "I love you" Banquet

 There has been much excitement around the Gimenez Home as we prepare our secret gifts for the "I love you" Banquet!  Even though the names were a secret, I decided to give the boys a hand in the prep work.
Silas had many ideas, but settled on making a picture frame for...shhh....Brenna!  He had fun painting and laughed so hard when he spilled ALL the glitter on the front porch!  I think we'll be finding it for months!

Micah was excited to build a place for Silas to play with his cars and construction vehicles.  We found some boards, dug some space up....
Got really dirty.....
Then, swept away the dirt.  He invented a new way to hold the broom.  How creative!

Then, he painted on the lines.  I tried very hard not to take over the painting part and let my 4 year old do this gift himself.  I bit my tongue and succeeded!  It was an all Micah project and it turned out perfect! :o)
It's been fun preparing!  Now, on to the banquet!

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  1. I love the idea of a family "I love you" Banquet. Going to share this with my ladies at church!