Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Lolli's Cooking

 I still can't believe I'm a Grandma!  I mean, Lolli!  It's so  fun having such a precious granddaughter. So much joy!  When Liberty comes through the door, everyone greets her, talks to her in silly voices and tries to get her to smile. We love her!

She started rice cereal not too long ago.  Tabitha says that she is doing great and loves it.  Last week, I volunteered to watch Liberty for a youth activity.  You know what that meant?  I got to feed her her cereal.  I was so excited!!!

I mixed it the exact way her Momma told me to.  I put on her cute bib, and put her in the cute seat I bought for her.  And we were off...first bite was....a little scary.  She gave me the funniest look.  It was so adorable!

She kept up with the faces.  It was sad and cute all at the same time.

Then, she started to make pitiful gagging faces.  Wait a second little girl....I've mixed up cereal for several babies, including your Daddy!  But, for some reason, she wasn't too crazy about Lolli's cooking.  I was tempted to add in some yummy sweetness!

When tears came, I decided to forget the cereal.  We made a nice bottle and I got to cuddle this sweet baby girl.  I have to say, that was pretty awesome, too.

Loving being a Lolli!!