Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Our blessing for summer

I mentioned in a couple of posts back, that God had provided a special blessing for us.  Now, to reveal that blessing. :o)  When we were given a giftcard to spend on our family, we knew we wanted to try and get an above ground pool.
 Summer is coming. 
Junior Camp is in the summer. 
Swimming is at Junior Camp.
My babies need to learn to swim! 

They've loved the water ever since they were little, but strong swimming skills haven't been mastered.  It's time!

We found a really great deal on craigslist from a family selling their pool.  My sweetie worked at prepping the area and getting is all set up.  He even built a deck from our back door!  There's still a little left to be done (like finding a real pool ladder) but we have already enjoyed several hours in our pool!  Yay for summer on the way!!


  1. It is a good thing to have kids that are strong swimmers. You did good!

  2. What a splendid gift! I pray your children get some good swimming lessons and practise in before camp.

  3. Yay! Swimming is a great thing to learn! And its fun at the same time!