Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baby Update

We had our Ultrasound appointment and Midwife appointment this week. Everything went fantastic. At the ultrasound we were able to see the baby's heartbeat. It's beating a strong 158 beats per minute. We were thrilled for all of us to see the heartbeat. It was a very memorable moment for our family. The next day we saw our midwife, Dawn Rachman. She is an amazing lady and it's so amazing the bond we feel with her already. She takes so much time with her patients.....we were with her almost 2 hours. She had just had a 12 hour birth and another was on her way to the office. I said to her "You must be exhausted!" She said, "Yes, but I'm so glad these women are having there babies, I knew they would be calling any minute." I love it that she knows me by name, and treats me as her friend. She said everything is looking very good with baby and Momma. She wants us to come back in a week in a half to see if we can hear a heartbeat with a doppler. It's a little early, but she would like to try anyway. We are 8 weeks and one day today! We are leaving in a week in a half to head north for meetings. We're planning on coming back for a week in September and then we're booked until December 17th. I'll have to schedule regular midwife appts according to what state we're in, so I can receive all of my prenatal care. We asked the midwife when I have to be back and done travelling. She said by the 28th-32nd week, which is late October or early November. Please be praying for us as we make decisions for when to come back. I might come back to Fort Myers a little earlier than my family, so we can continue with some of our meetings. It's an exciting time!

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