Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Day at Epcot

For our family summer vacation/ Marc's birthday/Mother's Day/we need to get away day...we went to Epcot! We took with us my Mom, Patrick's Mom, and Patrick's brother Marc. It couldn't have been a more perfect day. The weather was gently 80s with a cloudless sky. The lines were very short. We just had such a good time. See the man in the picture with us? Who knows who he is. He just walked up and posed as Mom was snapping our family shot.
Waiting in line for Spaceship Earth. We think the group favorite was Test Track and Soarin'.
This was our Mother's Day gift for our Mom's. It was so neat to give them a gift we could watch them experience. We ate in Mexico. It was delicious, but the atmosphere was the best! We felt like we were outside, at night, in Mexico! (although I've never been there)

In America land we listened to a group sing patriotic songs. This was one of the ladies. They did an awesome job singing. This was one of my favorites.

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  1. THANK YOU so much. I had a great time!!! The lunch was delicisioso. mmmmmm. Felt like I was in Mexico. It was a perfect day for Epcot, like you said hardly any lines. Loved riding the rides with the kids.
    Thanks again. Love, MOM