Friday, May 30, 2008

Macadamia Nuts, Anyone?

Patrick and I went to Miami for a two fold purpose. #1 a little time away together before we leave Florida again (I told the kids that having a date with their Daddy is one of my favorite things to do :) #2 to start the French paperwork/citizenship process. Tuesday while eating a nice romantic lunch together Patrick said "I feel like my throat is closing up". In a matter of 10 minutes he was bright red, swollen (even his ears and feet were swollen), and having difficulty breathing. He said his insides didn't feel right. We realized he was having an allergic reaction. We think it might be from the Macadamia nuts on the fish. (last time he ate a bite of these nuts he started to have mild symptoms) I'm so thankful the Lord pointed us in the right direction and we found a walk in clinic. By the time we got to the clinic he had hives all over. Especially the palms of his hands were itching. The Doctor was so good and gave him a shot and pills and watched him for quite a while. I'm glad we found somewhere to take him so quickly! That night he felt like he had the flu, just really achy. So much for a romantic evening!! :) The next day we went to the French Consolate in Miami. We were told we needed more paperwork, so we got a list of all we need (again) and hopefully we'll get this done when we come back for a couple of days in September. The good news is that we can get the whole family's citizenship papers done at one time! That's great! So, pray for Patrick. He's feeling so much better, but still just a tad weak. Praise the Lord! He took care of us again!

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