Saturday, May 24, 2008

My 32nd birthday

May 9th I turned 32. My oh my, how time flies. Patrick and the kids showered me with so many gifts. I asked for a certain kind of clinique blush that Robin gave me from one of her "freebies" that she gets from clinique. Who knows how long ago she gave it to me. I used it until the brush was scraping the bottom. I love that blush! Patrick and the children went to clinique and took the empty blush container and said "We need this". The lady at the counter said "This is very old" "We don't make this anymore!" She was very sweet and helped them match the color as best as they could. I wish I could have been there to see them at the makeup counter! Ha Ha. Patrick also bought me 3 pearl bracelets. White, pink and my! They also bought me a fruitbasket cake (which is one of my favorites). My family is so good to me. Thanks, guys. You made my day special.

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