Saturday, May 24, 2008

Swap Night

My sister, Keela, came up with the coolest plan. Everyone in our family was supposed to bring 10 things to her house we didn't want. Then, we placed it all on a table and we drew numbers and picked what we wanted from off the table. It was so much fun! Here's Keela giving all of the directions... I got jumper cables, and a tool set for Patrick, a new book, a baby bath, and a cute baby swing. It's so different than the kind I got when I was pregnant with Josh. Baby things have changed in 12 years!! My Dad picked this yellow toy for Logan. Dad had to show he can still play with toys too! He's such an awesome Grandpa that really plays with his grandkids.
Keela also explained a Sunday lunch plan to have Sunday lunch at a different person's house each month. Great ideas Keela! I'm already thinking about when it's my turn! Maybe November? or the beginning of December? or February. Let me know which is mine! I have to borrow Mom's house too. What great ideas you have! You're such a great big Sis.

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  1. What a great idea. I wish we had a family big enough to do that with!!! May be we could adopt some new family members. :)

    I'm glad your ultrasound went well and I loved the pictures that made you smile. I wanted to comment on each post but it would probably take a while, so I decided to pick one.

    I hope you all are doing well; we'll be praying you you!

    Kelly Driskell