Monday, November 17, 2014

Off Script

It was about 8 months ago that we had just finished our last appointment at the Mayo clinic.  We didn't have a diagnosis for my pain.  We were unsure of what to do next and felt that discouragement was just around the corner.  It was at this time that someone came to our church from Striving Forth Publications.  They had many books for sale, but when they told about Off Script by Cary Schmidt,  I knew I needed this book!

We had read Hook, Line and Sinker by Bro. Schmidt and it has become one of our favorites, so I knew I would learn much from this book.  But, when I heard the topic of the book, I knew it was the encouragement that God had sent my way.

Cary Schmidt wrote this book during his cancer treatments.  He was in the midst of serving in a busy, thriving ministry when the unexpected happened....cancer.  He gives so much wisdom of what to do when God rewrites your life.  And that's where I was when this book came across my path!  I was completely caught by surprise when I became sick.  Bro. Schmidt said, "A trial is like a precious treasure that God places in our hands and loans to us.  It's a trust - a sacred trust.  It's an opportunity to show His grace and goodness to others, and to be used by God in a very special way.  God doesn't give trials to someone unless He has a special plan to use it."  And that's what I want.  I want God to use this crazy, unexpected Lyme disease and use it for His glory!

Another great quote from the book, "Daily you will face the same decision in your trial.  The hardship and emotions will remind you to be discouraged.  But, the Holy Spirit will remind you to  'be of good cheer'  And you must choose your response."  It's my choice!

In the midst of so much encouragement and wisdom from God's Word, Bro. Schmidt relates stories from his "Off Script" time.  There were times I would be reading the book in the waiting room at the doctor's office and just start laughing out loud.  I love how his family  is real and have the joy of the Lord!  This book was such a blessing and encouragement to me!


  1. Amen!

    That sounds like a wonderful book. xx

  2. These quotations you shared are an encouragement. I will have to look for the book.