Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Part Two ~ The Meal

When we told Denise (Patrick's Mom) that we would be spending Thanksgiving with her this year, she was pretty excited!  I think Marc was, too!  
 When we arrived, she had set the table beautifully with her china.  It looked so good!

 And the turkey looked good too!

 Grammy was quite protective of her turkey and didn't want any other "turkeys" to be touching it :o)

 Marc has been working on the floor plans for the church in High Springs.  He is doing a fabulous job!  We are so excited!!

 The meal was wonderful and spending it with precious family was great!

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  1. Now that looks yummy. Stuffing is one of my favs. So glad you could all spend time together building precious memories. God bless. xx